Precision Whitewater Paddling Skills
Four Days of Instruction from
Top U.S. Paddlers and Coaches
Novice to Advanced Boaters Welcome

Joe Jacobi- Olympic Gold Medalist
Bob Campbell- Former Olympic Team Coach
Tom Long- National Junior & Developmental Coach
Chad Long-Former USA National Team Member

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"I wish I could convey to others who have not done these camps just how fun and beneficial they are."
~ Bill Triffet, April 2006

Comments from Previous Gold Medal Camps

"Terrific learning experience as you are not only experts, but able to translate your expertise for the non-expert. I found that the individual attention and tailored instruction was invaluable."


"I appreciated the layering of skill practice, starting with basic technique and building up from there, breaking everything down to the core skills.I was really surprised at how many of those core skills I hadn't been taught before. Your explanations helped my comprehension and gave me clear goals to take away."


"I was very impressed with the coaches' ability to dissect our performances within seconds. The repetition drills and running lines were great because you get immediate feedback and then could adjust to see improvement. The video was the best - it really shows me what I am doing on the water."


"The technical sessions were definitely worthwhile. After almost 10 years of paddling, I hadn't realized how sloppy my skills were."

This 4-day program offers progressive instruction to paddlers, ages 15 and up. It’s your
opportunity to work with Olympic-level instructors in one of the finest whitewater venues in the West – California’s South Fork of the American River.

Through the paddling medium, these coaches use their whitewater slalom backgrounds, techniques and philosophies to introduce a repertoire of fundamental and precision skills designed to help boaters better their performance in any and all forms of paddling.

The camp includes two on-water sessions each day. Video analysis and daily off-water presentations are also included in the program. The teaching sites provide a full range of options, from calm moving water ideal for isolating technique, to invigorating whitewater rapids with standing waves and deep eddies. 

Along with their technical insights, the coaches outline many concepts used in top-level competition, while keeping them in familiar, river running contexts. Group sizes are small enough so they can pay a lot of attention to each individual’s progress, while stories of their Olympic connections inspire the “gold medal” pursuits that reside in all of us.

Participants should have some previous (novice level) paddling experience and be comfortable on easy (class II) moving water. A solid river roll, while encouraged, is NOT a requirement for these camps. If you have specific questions about the camp, please write to:


River sites in and around Lotus/Coloma, California

Cost: $525.00 (includes all instruction and presentations, four lunches and three dinners)

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"The general whitewater instruction was superb. Slalom technique has its applications and most people can apply the overall aspects to their everyday whitewater activities."