On the Ground Efforts to Help Chile's Earthquake Victims

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Even a $10 donation helps feed families

We are working with Kayak Chile and the Pucon Chapter of the Red Cross to put together the next supply delivery missions to small coastal towns most in need.

Recent blog posts portray the amazing impact your donations have made for very needy and grateful Chilean families


Following the February 27th 8.8 magnitude earthquake that struck central Chile, scores of coastal villages were inundated by ensuing tsunami waves that leveled structures and carried boats and debris as much as two kilometers inland

Cascade's lodge in Pucon, Chile, some 300km from the epicenter, felt the effects of the quake as well, although only registering 6.6 and with much less damage incurred relative to the Maule and Bio Bio Regions to the north.

In the days that followed, the Long family from Cascade got together with Pucon Mountain Guides and local police and firefighters to spearhead an effort to raise contributions and collect basic supplies which they then would physically deliver directly to some of the more remote coastal areas that weren't as likely to receive help as quickly from other sources.

Chile Relief Direct was formed to channel US originating donations directly to the registered non-profit account in Pucon through which they can be put to immediate use, as Cascade and Pucon Mountain Guides continue deliver supplies to those who so desparately need them.
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Excerpts and photos below depict the difficult circumstances these remote villages face, along with the pride and dauntless resilience of the Chilean people that, even amid such trying times, seems an unshakeable part of their culture.

In the weeks to come, we aim to grow substantial support to continue these efforts to reach needy villagers along Chile's central coast with life-sustaining provisions and hope for rebuilding their lives

Recent blog posts testify to the direct impact your donations have made for Chilean families, like these:

"There were groups of families living in the hills above town, their homes had been destroyed by the tsunami. We would pass through these camping towns on the way out of every town up and down the coast."

~ from Tren Long's account of their first delivery mission

Please consider contributing whatever you can to help sustain these ongoing relief efforts? No amount is too small.

Click on the DONATE button to go to the PayPal links that will allow you to choose your assistance level and thank you in advance for helping our friends in Chile survive these challenging times.

Please introduce others to the effort .... encourage them to contribute (just $10 helps a lot) .... and follow along as we post periodic accounts of the specific work and delivery missions these donations are being directly applied to.

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"With the funds raised over the last week we managed to buy enough food and life essentials for over 100 families.... On arriving in Coliuma we found a much higher level of destruction than Tirua but a much smaller population so our aid managed to help every body in the town."

"The appearance of fresh foods in addition to the staples of rice, beans, and pastas caused a stir of excitement and hope. ..... The heartbreaking loss and devastation was offset by the great appreciation of the people ."

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Endless debris ... damage from the tsunami

"We drove the few miles north to the next coastal town where the scene was the same. Families living in tents on the outskirts of town, no power or water, and destruction to the homes. We took all our food and water and took it to the organizing shelter in a local elementary school. ."

"We found a direct route through the mountains that would only be passable by our truck and van. The fire department planned on driving up 2 water trucks but would have to take a much longer alternate route. ."

Makeshift dwelling where five familes who have
lost their homes are living together.

Delivering supplies to the town of Tirua, which fared ok in the earthquake but had major damage from the tsunami.

What remains of one family's home

... and another family's home

"Local organizer. thanked us for our help and let us know about another town 20 minutes north that had less food and water then they did and needed the help more."

Oscar Orlando Osses Beroiza (photos), Sergio Samuel Caniullan Calfiqueo, Alejandro, Nicolás Navarro Castillo of Pucon Mountain Guides bringing "la pequena ayuda" ... a little help to those in need - Fuerza Chile!